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Choosing a Conferencing Systems Dealer: Top Factors to Consider

Has your company implemented a video conferencing solution? If not yet, then you’re missing out on the huge communication possibilities this technology brings. Video conferencing allows your team members to collaborate easily from any location around the globe. And since communication goes way beyond words, conferencing allows you to pick up a lot more from a conversation than a simple email or phone call would.

When you’ve decided that you need a video conference system for your business, it is important that you choose the right dealer. Here are four of the main factors you should consider.

Understand company needs
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Just as it is with other solutions, understanding what your company needs is the place to start when looking for a conferencing system. Have a talk with staff members about their use of video conferencing services. Let them offer suggestions on what features are needed in the new system. Consider also the types of meetings the company will be holding, and the number of participants expected. Being equipped with as much information on this as possible is important before speaking to a telecom solutions provider.
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It would be nice to work with a very knowledgeable dealer, so they can help you select the right system for your needs. They should have experience designing conferencing systems for a variety of clients. Naturally you will have a number of questions and concerns, such as what type of equipment is needed. Your potential provider should answer all your questions courteously and maintain a professional attitude at all times. To get a sense of what a prospective dealer is all about, you may want to go though customer reviews.


You’ll want a dealer with great customer service, because so many things may go wrong at any given moment. Only a few providers can boast of quality customer support, even though many are capable of a good installation job. Go through the provider’s website and find out if they provide multiple channels of support, most importantly phone, email, and Skype. You can try calling them or sending a test email to find out how fast their response rate is.

Ask for demo/trial

You’ll want to know you’re getting your money’s worth, as the installation of a conferencing solution is quite an investment. A reputable service provider should therefore be able to offer a demo of their conferencing services. Let your staff test the interface during the demo–how intuitive do they find it? Keep in mind that what looks easy to a tech-savvy person may be very confusing to a non-techie. Also make sure you ask whether the all those feature in the demo will be available in the package you intend to buy.